The Estonian Education Information System’s open data can be used in studies that analyse, e.g., the spatial mobility of students and teachers, school safety, the accessibility of schools by public transport, the role of schools in choosing a place to live, and the spatial and social connection with neighbourhood.

The data includes information about:

  • educational institutions (e.g., registry code, name, language of instruction, form of ownership, form of study, type of educational institution, owner, location, form of operation, contact information);
  • curricula (e.g., registry code, curriculum code, curriculum type, curriculum name, curriculum direction, accreditation information);
  • activity licenses (e.g., name of educational institution, registry code, type of educational institution, activity license number, type of activity license, time of issue);
  • the number of students.

The locations of universities, vocational, general education, and hobby schools, as well as kindergartens are presented with the accuracy of the county, local government, settlement/district, and exact address, but the data does not include geographical coordinates.

The earliest data were added in 2004, and the database is constantly updated. Open data can be downloaded in CSV, XML or JSON format.

Use of data

The Estonian Education Information System’s open data is available via the API or from the portal It is possible to conduct queries via the API (see the instructions how to use the API), and also extract data via the visual user interface in the portal Some data (e.g., contact information of educational institutions, extracts from the register of curricula, statistics of students and teachers) are also available as ready-made tables.


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