The Estonian National Register of Buildings’ open data makes it possible to study, e.g., access to schools, shops, workplaces, public institutions and services using different modes of transport, to study the choice of residence based on the proximity of different institutions, and to examine lifestyle mobility in different areas.

The open data contains information about the addresses of buildings, use (e.g., schoolhouse, grocery store, office building), parts (e.g. apartments), coordinates of spatial forms, coordinates of entrances, technical parameters (e.g., type of heat source), building and use permit, energy labels, and related cadastral units.

The data is updated once a day, the earliest available data dates from 1994. The data can be downloaded in CSV format.

Use of data

It is possible to extract data from the Building Register’s web environment as well as via the API. The data can be ordered to an e-mail address.


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