Based on the Land Board’s real estate transaction data, it is possible to analyse in combination with other datsets the potential associations between real estate prices and various other characteristics, such as the ethnicity of the population, crime, public transport connections, and access to schools, workplaces, shops, and other institutions and services.

There are two types of queries that can be carried out in the real estate transaction statistics web environment: general transaction statistics, and price statistics queries. The general transaction statistics query allows to make extracts by transaction type, expropriator, acquirer, purpose of realty, part of realty, month, object type, county, the residency of expropriator and acquirer. The price statistics query can be made for transactions with apartments and different land types. In the case of residential land with residential buildings, you can also conduct queries by building type, load-bearing structure, and the year of first use. In the case of an apartment, by the building’s load-bearing structure, and the year of first use.

Real estate transaction statistics are based on the transaction database. The data of transactions come from notaries who are obliged to submit a certificate of the transaction to the cadastral registrar in 10 days after the certification of the transaction. The earliest data in the transaction database is from 1996. The data can be downloaded from the web environment of real estate transaction statistics as Excel spreadsheets  (in XLSX format).

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