The Smart Road’s open data makes it possible, e.g., to monitor traffic density, analyse the factors that potentially restrict mobility, and use the analysis results in the planning of the public transport network.

Smart Road DATEX II data gateway allows access to various open data:

  • road safety data (e.g., information on road slipperiness and obstacles);
  • traffic restriction data (e.g., information on completely or partially closed roads, temporarily increased speed limits, road works, weight restrictions and detours);
  • road camera pictures (updated every 10 minutes);
  • locations of road cameras;
  • measurement results of road weather stations;
  • measurement results of traffic counters;
  • locations of road weather stations and traffic counters;
  • truck parking.

Location data is presented either as coordinates of a geographical point (e.g., speed camera locations) or as linear location data (e.g., road section where roadworks take place). Most data is updated in real time. The data is presented in accordance with the European traffic data transmission standard DATEX II.

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