Traffic research is needed to understand the travel behavior of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Statistics from traffic research are required by scientists, urban planners, and authorities involved in mobility planning. Statistics from the research can also be used to implement measures to improve road safety in general.

Mobile traffic counting devices, corresponding hardware and software, allow the measurement of traffic flow characteristics: traffic volume, division of traffic flow into traffic classes, speed distribution, separation distance division, etc. Device installation is relatively easy, and so is data usage. The devices are used to measure the parameters of the normal traffic flow.

Related projects

In December 2019, the H2020 project “Finest Twins” was launched to create the world’s first cross-border smart city center of excellence.

Completed studies

A comparative study of different devices has been carried out to compare the results obtained with the Sierzega SR4 mobile device with those collected by stationary devices, taking into account different traffic situations (traffic volume) and modes of movement (motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians). The report compiled as the result of the research compares the conditions and results of the use of mobile counting devices with stationary devices.

Use of data

Until now, counting devices have been mainly used for comparative research and validation of various devices and for student research projects, but counting devices can also be used for scientific and/or applied research and for data collection needed by different institutions (state, local governments, private sector, etc.).

The use of the devices is subject to the agreement of the device managers.


Dago AntovProfessor