The Spatial Mobility Database provides an adequate snapshot of the various spatial mobility and transport data sources and surveys. The contents of the database are various data directly or indirectly related to transport, mobility, and traffic. The database combines traditional data sources (surveys, papers, articles, student papers, dissertations, registers, databases, person-based censuses) as well as IT-based data sources (data collected and to be collected through mobile positioning, cameras and sensors).

The purpose of the database is to promote research, data infrastructure focusing on the needs of the public sector, entrepreneurship, international cooperation by involving a variety of institutions of higher education and research institutions.

The data set allows the user to search for data sources and past research for their specific purpose. The database contains records for parameters such as the following data sets or studies:

  • name and description;
  • year of preparation;
  • author or manager;
  • availability/usability;
  • other necessary information (such as contact or link to study materials);
  • keywords.

Use of data


Dago AntovProfessor